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Minnan Buddhist Institute is a famed Superior Buddhism College, which was founded inside the well-known Nanputuo Temple in 1925.

Nanputuo Temple is situated in the southeast area of Xiamen city by sitting in north toward south, backing on the Wulao Peaks and facing to the sea. Since the Five Dynasty, there have been some great masters who have inhabited here and named it as Sizhou Yard. At the beginning of Ming Dynasty, it was rebuilt in large scale to Illumination Temple and newly constructed Mercy Palace in the first years of Qing Dynasty. For it was the divine place where the Bodhisat Guanyin was mainly worshiped and it was in the south of Mount Putuo of Zhejiang Province, hence the people    nominated its present name-- Nanputuo Temple.

The back mountain of Nanputuo Temple is famous for one of Xiamen Eight Biggest Interest Places, which has a beautiful name of Wulao Peaks and looks like five ridges reach the cloud. The verdant forest, craggy rocks, deep sequester caves, far-flung sky and sea, and preponderant position near to Xiamen University and Xiamen Lujiang University make it become a culture area with quiet environment and dense study atmosphere.

Long time ago, Nanputuo Temple originally was a hereditary bodhi mandala of the Linji Zong School of Chinese Chan Buddhism. In 1924, Monk Zhuan Feng was ambitious and contributed to reforming it to public election system by voting of Ten Direction. At the same year, Dharma Master Hui Quan was elected as the first abbot, nest year Minnan Buddhist Institute was set up in the temple and he was appointed as the dean. After 3 years of tenure, abbot Hui Quan courtly invited Master Tai Xu to be superintendent and rector in 1927. In the spring of year 1934, in order to neaten the ethos and improve the teaching, Mater Hong Yi was invited to originate Buddhist Nurture Academe to cultivate students' character and morality. During that period, Minnan Buddhist Institute brought up innumerable excellent Buddhist talents in the field of home Buddhism. Some of contemporary famous leading scholars also came from Minnan Buddhist Institute, like Hierophant Yin Shun of Taiwan, Master Rui Jin of Philippines, Presbyter Hong Chuan, Elder Monk Guang Qia , Mater Yan Pei of Singapore, Rabbi Zu Mo of Malaysia and so on. For the anti-war broke out in 1937, Minnan Buddhism Institute cannot help but close down. In these twelve years, totally more than two hundred outstanding Buddhists were fostered from Minnan Buddhist Institute.

In 1981, Elder Monk Miao Zhan resumed the foundation of Buddhist Nurture Academe and Minnan Buddhist Institute was renewed in 1985 at the concern and the support by Chairman Zhao Puchu of China Buddhist Association and Presbyter Hong Chuan from Singapore. Its forepassed brilliance came back again under Elder Monk's management, with which education facilities, teaching caliber and the scale of college have been greatly advanced and developed.

In the March of 1997, Nanputuo Temple courtly invited Master Sheng Hui, who was not only the vice-chairman of China Buddhist Association but the abbot of Lushan Temple in Hunan Province, to be abbot of Nanputuo Temple and rector of Minnan Buddhist Institute. After governing and managing, the system is getting perfect, the learning ethos is becoming religious and education project is more and more prosperous and flourishing. The present rector, Rabbi Sheng Hui is awarded the title of deputy to the National People's Congress.

Introduction of Nanputuo Temple
Institute's principle. Loving nation, loving teaching, learning and cultivating himself according to religious doctrine together are our principles. The integration of study and practice, and public monastery life of institute are to be guidelines. We adhere to the idea of Eight Schools and gives consideration to Five Sciences in teaching.

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