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Buddhist Sutra

Morning Recitations

Evening Recitations

Gaathaas in Praise of the Buddha Amitaabha

The Parable Sutra Translated by Charles Patton

The Buddha Speaks The Ullambana Sutra

Mahaparinirvana Sutra

Tathagata-garbha Sutra

Sanghata Sutra

The Discourse On The Ten Wholesome Ways Of Action

The Sutra of the Master of Healing translated by Prof. Chow Su-Chia

The Enlightenment Sutra

Sutra in Forty-Two Sections

Sariputta - Foremost in Wisdom

Subbhuti - Foremost In Understanding the Doctrine of the Void

Moggallana - Foremost in Supernatural Powers

Maha-Kassapa - Foremost in Ascetic Practices

Upali - Foremost in Keeping the Precepts

Ananda - Foremost in Hearing Many Teachings

Rahula - Foremost in Quietly Doing Good

Anuruddha - Foremost in Divine Insight

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Introduction of Tai Xu library
Tai Xu Library is an organization supplying academic research service, Buddhist talents cultivation service and the service of expanding the teachers' and students' view and sentiment. From the position of Minnan Buddhist Institute in domestic and Southeast Asian Buddhism, the library should be used as a Fujian Buddhist literature center. .read more...

Introduction of Tai Xu library

Principle of Tai Xu Library

Duties of Tai Xu Library


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