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Shang Ke Tang - Aksayamatir Tea Pavilion

Updated: May.24 14:53,2012

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Tea has spirituality. Every pore of tea leaf is opening, which shows its mountain and water and cultural landscape. When drinking the tea, its nature endless fragrance will keep in your mouth and teeth.

Tea lies in the taste while Zen lies in the meditation. What is the relationship between tea and Zen? If bring a heart only want to taste the tea, then it just can taste the flavor of tea. However, in fact, meditation on tea lies not in good or bad tea flavor, it lies in soul savvy through a cup of tea.

Aksayamatir Bodhisattvah cannot bear to see the endless human-beings suffer long-term distress, so his deep heart comes out endless compassion. He is willing to assist all the human-beings attain Buddhahood and makes himself become a Buddha, so named as Aksayamatir.

Introduction of Nanputuo Temple
Nanputuo Temple is a famous Buddhist temple in the coastal area of South-east China,located on Xiamen Island at the foot of the Wulaofeng-Five Old Men-chain of hills,close to the sed and next to Xiamen University.The backdrop of beautiful hills with their mysterious grottoes and their cover of green trees,and the deep blue sea with its sparkling waves in the azure of the sky,provides a delightful environment. Nanputuo Temple was founded in the Tang dynasty. It embodies the long history and culture of South-east China,and is famous as a "Temple of a thousand years" more...

Introduction of Nanputuo Temple

The Hall Of Heavenly Kings

The Sangharame Hall

The Ksitigarbha Hall

The Bell Tower and Drum Tower

The Mahavira Hall

The Mahakaruna Hall

The Sutra pavilion and Dharma Hall

The Five Old Men Hills Touching the Clouds

The Four Sarira Stupas

The Vegetarian Meal in the Puzhao Hall

The Dhyana hall

The Eighteen Arhats

Master ShengHui

Master ZeWu

The introduction of Shang Ke Tang (Bodhi Hotel)

Shang Ke Tang - Aksayamatir Tea Pavilion

Volunteer recruitment of Nanputuo Temple

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