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The introduction of Shang Ke Tang (Bodhi Hotel)

Updated: May.24 14:51,2012

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Shang Ke Tang (Bodhi Hotel) of Xiamen Nanputuo Temple is located in the Wulao Ridge. With verdant mountains, yellow tiles, clear water, fragrant lotus, refined and quiet atmosphere, Shang Ke Tang is a residential service agency for receiving the monks, the laymen, the Buddhist believers and other people.

Shang Ke Tang (Bodhi Hotel) is built according to Three-star Standard, has 48 suites, standard rooms and single rooms in total. The rooms are used natural wood furniture and palm-made green-friendly mattresses, whose elegance, simplicity, quiet and warmth will lead you to taste Zen of old temple.

Living in Shang Ke Tang (Bodhi Hotel)£¬strolling along the lotus pond, listening to bell in the morning and drum sound from Nanputuo Temple, roaming in the verdant Wulao Ridge, feeling the warm sunshine and taking a deep breath among the towering old trees, then you will catch this quiet in the city and find good rest for your heart. In the meanwhile, all our colleagues will provide you perfect services to share Buddha¡¯s merciful love and profound wisdom together.

Shang Ke Tang (Bodhi Hotel) of Xiamen Nanputuo Temple is near to Xiamen University with convenient transportation, which takes 20 minutes drive away from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, 10 minutes away from Train Station and 10 minutes away from Zhongshan Road Shopping Centre.

Shang Ke Tang (Bodhi Hotel) welcomes the friends all over the world and particularly provides favorable accommodation for the monks.

Introduction of Nanputuo Temple
Nanputuo Temple is a famous Buddhist temple in the coastal area of South-east China,located on Xiamen Island at the foot of the Wulaofeng-Five Old Men-chain of hills,close to the sed and next to Xiamen University.The backdrop of beautiful hills with their mysterious grottoes and their cover of green trees,and the deep blue sea with its sparkling waves in the azure of the sky,provides a delightful environment. Nanputuo Temple was founded in the Tang dynasty. It embodies the long history and culture of South-east China,and is famous as a "Temple of a thousand years" more...

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The introduction of Shang Ke Tang (Bodhi Hotel)

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