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Master ShengHui

Updated: March.21 10:16,2012

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Master ShengHui


Master Shenghui was born in Xiangtan of Hunan Province on November 23rd, 1951 and was name Sheng Qinghui.
He made a tonsure at Zhiyuan Temple in Jiuhuashan of Anhui in April 1981 and named Shenghui with religious name Huiguo.
In 1982, he was enrolled in China Buddhist Institute.
In October, 1982, he joined in three precept platforms for receiving the complete precepts at Donglin Temple in Lushan Mountain.
He finished his undergraduate courses separately in 1986 and postgraduate courses in 1989 in China Buddhist Institute.
From 1990 to 1992, he was appointed as vice dean and superior for Jiuhuashan Buddhist Institute.
From 1992 to 1996, he was nominated as vice dean and superior for China Buddhist Institute, and later took over the place of vice president in Chinese Buddhist Association.
In 1994, he was the abbot of Gulishan Temple in Changsha City of Hunan Province and the president of Hunan Buddhist Association. 
In 1997, appointed by the president Zhao Puchu of China Buddhist Association and invited by Nanputuo Temple, he was honored with the Abbot, also was the president of Minnan Buddhist Institute and the chairman of Nanputuo Charity.
In the Spring of 1998, at the ninth National Committee of the CPPCC, he was elected as one of members.
On January 26, 2000, he continued to be the Abbot of Nanputuo Temple.
On August 17, 2000, he attended the Seminar of China Buddhist World Peace Problem that was held in Beijing by China Buddhist Leaders Delegation.
From August 28 to 31, 2000, he attended the Millennium Summit of World Religious and Spiritual Leaders at the United Nations and addressed the praying in the closing ceremony.
On November 13, 2000, China Anti-cult Association was set up in Beijing, and he was elected the vice president of it.
On October 24, 2000, he attended the Third Buddhist Friendly Communication Committee of China, Japan and Korea, and also joined in World Peace Praying of New Century and International Academic Seminar in Korea.
On March 9, 2001, he attended the Fourth Session, Ninth Meeting of the CPPCC and delivered an address of against evil, Anti-cult, Anti-crime and supporting righteousness.
On April 6, 2001, being as the member of China United Nations Association, he participated in the 57th Meeting of Human Rights Commission in Geneva. During the meeting, he appealed for peace and safeguarding human rights against cult.
On June 20, 2001, he was elected as the president of Xiamen Buddhist Association.
From January 10 to 27, 2001, he held the Fourth Buddhist Friendly Communication Committee of China, Japan and Korea, and delivered a speech on behalf of China Buddhist Association.
On February 23, 2002, being as the head, he led the group to take the holy mission of escorting Buddha¡¯s finger and body to Taiwan for worship.
From September 16 to 20, 2002, Seventh National People's Congress of China Buddhist Association was held in Jingfeng Hotel of Beijing, he was elected as the vice president charging for daily work.
He was the Abbot of Beijing Lingguang Temple in 2003.
Currently, Master Shenghui is taking on Eleventh NPC representative, the vice president of China Buddhist Association, the vie dean of China Buddhist Institute, the president of Hunan Buddhist Association, the dean of Minnan Buddhist Institute,  the dean of Hunan Buddhist Institute, the president of Hunan Charity, the Abbots both of Lishan Temple in Changsha and Huxiyan Temple in Xiamen and other posts.
He ever been the member of Ninth and Tenth CPPCC, the vice dean of Jiuhuashan Buddhist Institute, the Abbots of Ganlu Temple of Jiuhuashan in Anhui, Nanputuo Temple in Xiamen, Lingguang Temple of Xian in Beijing, Yufo Temple of Anshan in Liaoning, Dabei Temple in Tianjin, Boao Temple in Hainan and Fushou Temple in Nanyue.

Introduction of Nanputuo Temple
Nanputuo Temple is a famous Buddhist temple in the coastal area of South-east China,located on Xiamen Island at the foot of the Wulaofeng-Five Old Men-chain of hills,close to the sed and next to Xiamen University.The backdrop of beautiful hills with their mysterious grottoes and their cover of green trees,and the deep blue sea with its sparkling waves in the azure of the sky,provides a delightful environment. Nanputuo Temple was founded in the Tang dynasty. It embodies the long history and culture of South-east China,and is famous as a "Temple of a thousand years" more...

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