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College Leadership - Master ZeWu(则悟大和尚)

Updated: March.19 9:55,2012

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Master ZeWu

Wisdom sayings

Rich morals and broad mind


Master Zewu was born in October 1974 in Ruian of Zhejiang Province.
He joined in Ruian Zhaoan Temple in Zhejiang Province and practiced Dharma in 1982.
In October 1992, he received full ordination in Fuzhou Linyang Temple.
He graduated from Minnan Buddhist Institute in 1998.
From 1999 to 2001, he ever had been Class Adviser and tutor of Minnan Buddhist Institute, vice Guest Prefect and supervisor of Nanputuo Temple.
In June 2001, he was elected as the General Secretary of Xiamen Buddhist Association.
He took the positions of tutor in Minnan Buddhist Institute and supervisor in Nanputuo Temple in 2002.
In 2002, he was the deputy of Twelfth NPC and the member of Xiamen People’s Foreign Affairs Committee.
In 2003, he was the member of Xiamen Youth Federation.
In 2004, he was appointed as vice chairman and General Secretary of Xiamen Buddhist Association, and vice Abbot of Nanputuo Temple.
In 2005, he was honored with the Twelfth Abbot of Nanputuo Temple.
He served as the member of Fujian Youth Federation in 2006 and also was elected as chairman of the Seventh board of governors of Xiamen Buddhist Association in November the same year.
In 2007, he was elected as the member of Xiamen Thirteenth NPC, the vice director of Minnan Buddhist Institute Committee and the member of Fujian Overseas Friendship Association.
In 2008, he was appointed as the member of Fujian CPPCC and also the member of Fujian People’s Buddhist Committee. Besides, he was the chairman of Xiamen Religion Research Association.
On October, 2008, he continued to be the Thirteenth Abbot of Nanputuo Temple.
On November, 2008, he was elected as the vice chairman of Fujian Buddhist Association.
On April 15, 2009, he was elected as the Thirteenth vice president of Xiamen Youth Federation.
In February 2010, he was elected as executive director of China Buddhist Association.
In August 2010, he was elected as the member of China Youth Federation.
On October 18, 2011, he was the Fourteenth Abbot of Nanputuo Temple in succession, also was elected as the chairman of the Eighth board of governors of Xiamen Buddhist Association in December.

Current positions

Executive director of China Buddhist Association
Member of China Youth Federation
Vice chairman of Fujian Buddhist Association
Member of Fujian CPPCC
Member of Fujian People’s Buddhist Committee
Member of Fujian Overseas Friendship Association
Member of Xiamen Thirteenth NPC
Member of Xiamen People’s Foreign Affairs Committee
The Thirteenth vice president of Xiamen Youth Federation
Member of Xiamen Youth Federation
Chairman of Xiamen Religion Research Association
Chairman of Xiamen Buddhist Association
Abbot of Xiamen Nanputuo Temple

Introduction of Nanputuo Temple
Institute's principle. Loving nation, loving teaching, learning and cultivating himself according to religious doctrine together are our principles. The integration of study and practice, and public monastery life of institute are to be guidelines. We adhere to the idea of Eight Schools and gives consideration to Five Sciences in teaching.

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College Leadership - Master ZeWu

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