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Educational achievements

Updated: March.6 9:58,2012

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Educational achievements


There were more than 200 students graduated from the Institute in early foundation period. These monks were throughout the home and abroad, of who engaged in Buddhist research and became contemporary nationally known Grant Masters, such as Mentor Yinshun from Taiwan, Master Zhumo from Malaysia, Presbyter Hongchuan, the president of Singapore Buddhist Federation and Master Yanpei.

During 17 years after reopening, totally 654 students (229 monks and 425 nuns) graduated from the Institute, including seventh preparatory classes, undergraduate classes and one postgraduate class. Besides some students went abroad for further study, most of them became force and successors of the management of Chinese Buddhist monasteries, Buddhist academies, Buddhist research institutions and Buddhist management institutions. 

With strong leadership of Grant Monk Shenghui, the Institute not only obtained outstanding achievements in teaching in recent years, but also acquired significant performance in many areas. Therefore, it attracted the attention of the Buddhist community at home and abroad, and received favorable appreciation by relevant government departments. 

In March of 2002, Minnan Buddhist successfully held a large-scale speech contest of ¡°Buddhist Mission in the twenty-first century" on China Buddhist Association¡¯s behalf, which attracted nearly 100 outstanding Buddhist talents to participate. Student Guoche of female division and Zhengman of male division respectively won the first and the eighth, who received highly praise by China Buddhist Association, Presbyter Zhushan of the judges group, Buddhist experts and scholars.

Patriotism, solemn land, faith, Cause and Effect, dedication, self-cultivation and discipline were the guidelines for cultivation of qualified students. In December of 2001, the Institute got the praise and recognition by Provincial People Buddhism Office in the political and ideological education meeting of religious academies in Fujian province. In 2002, the Research Group that were composed of 18 committeemen from Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and led by Vice chairman Ding Guangxun, conducted a special investigation on 12 key religious institutes. The Research Group highly appreciated that Minnan Buddhist Institute is the largest and best Buddhist academy with substantial teachers, many students, advanced hardware and software facilities.  And the Institute placed great emphasis on political and ideological education, learning and sandhana together on the basis of strict style of study and morality, which brought up a number of patriotic, faithful, knowledgeable and qualified monk talents. On April 25, 2002, the Institute devoted every effort to successful hold the fifth Report and Colloquium together with Chinese People's Anti-cult Association in Nanputuo Temple. There were 140 representatives of Five Major Religions from 23 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities attending this meeting. During the meeting, the students played a theatrical performance so as to refute Falun Gong Cult and promote poetical justice, human life and society purification. This performance won the approval from the delegates.


Minnan Buddhist Institute obtained the attention and trust of higher authorities by means of its strict management, prominent Educational achievements and proper regulation. In 2005, Minnan Buddhist Institute was appointed to take the holy mission of escorting Buddha¡¯s finger and body to Taiwan for worship. The Institute designated Master Zewu as the head to accomplish this mission with 20 excellent monks. During 26-day escort, all of them were faithful to their duty and successfully fulfilled the task. They fully showed new mode of Chinese Buddhist to Taiwan compatriots, who not only got high praise from all walks of life, but also promoted the friendship between Taiwanese and Chinese Buddhism and the association among the people.

No matter the teachers or the teaching equipments or the living facilities, Minnan Buddhist Institute came out the top of domestic Buddhist academies. Thus, it got attention by China Buddhist Association and government department concerned, but also became the only institute that accepts oversea students in China.  In May of 2005, the Institute first accepted four Vietnamese Bhikkunis learn in female division. In October the same year, Thailand Buddhist community assigned three nuns to study Great Vehicle Buddhist in Minnan Buddhist Institute. As for the communication among Chinese, Korean and Japanese Buddhism, Minnan Buddhist Institute sincerely invited two groups of Korean monk delegations to visit and study, which promoted mutual Buddhism intercommunion between two countries.

In Twenty-first century, Minnan Buddhist Institute would move forward a big step under the leadership of Grant Monk Shenghui, which shall cultivate more qualified Buddhist monk talents and further contribute to the revitalization of Buddhism throughout the world.

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Institute's principle. Loving nation, loving teaching, learning and cultivating himself according to religious doctrine together are our principles. The integration of study and practice, and public monastery life of institute are to be guidelines. We adhere to the idea of Eight Schools and gives consideration to Five Sciences in teaching.

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Educational achievements


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