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Minnan Buddhist Institute was founded in 1925. As the founding development period from 1925 to 1927, it was personally leaded in innovating education, teaching and school ethos by Master Taixu, which made Minnan Buddhist Institute become one of famous and key neoteric academies of Chinese Buddhist education. Minnan Buddhist Institute was focus on fostering modern monks who had quality for virtue and wisdom. It also stipulated that only young male monks could study here. In these 12 years, there were more than 200 students graduating from Minnan Buddhist Institute, who were in both domestic nation and oversea countries. Some became contemporary well-known Grand Maters that were engaged in Buddhism study, some became pillars of revitalizing Buddhism that managed famous temples. Like Mentor Yinshun from Taiwan, Dharma Master Zhumo from Malaysia, Elder Monk Hongchuan of Singapore Buddhist Federation and Master Yanpei were all from Minnan Buddhist Institute.
Minnan Buddhist Institute was closed down due to an outbreak of war in 1937.

In 1985, the party¡¯s religious policy was re-implemented.  With the care of late president of Chinese Buddhist Association, the support of Singapore Elder Monk Hongchuan, the effort of late dean Master Miaozhan and the support from Xiamen Religious Department (Religious Bureau had not yet established) and Xiamen Buddhist Association, Xiamen Municipal People Government approved Minnan Buddhist Institute to be reopened after 48-year closure. In re-foundation, Master Hongchuan proposed that female public classes should be additionally set and Wanshiyan should be school house for female monks. Under Elder Monk Miaozhan¡¯s leadership, the education facility scale of Minnan Buddhist Institute exceeded itself in founding period a lot and jumped to the forefront of National contemporary Buddhist academies, such as rebuilding school building, student dormitory, Taixu Library, school and dormitory for female monks in Zizhulin Temple and so on.

Since Monk Shenghui was the dean in 1997, he unshakably implemented the party¡¯s religious policy and the school guideline of Chinese Buddhist Association, inherited and carried forward tradition of running a school, adhered to principle of the integration of study and practice, and public monastery life of institute, and attached great importance to cultivate qualified monks who were patriotic. In the meanwhile, he actively launched the educational reform and established good study style and Tao style, from which Minnan Buddhist Institute was awarded the Advanced Unit of Xiamen religions.

Introduction of Nanputuo Temple
Institute's principle. Loving nation, loving teaching, learning and cultivating himself according to religious doctrine together are our principles. The integration of study and practice, and public monastery life of institute are to be guidelines. We adhere to the idea of Eight Schools and gives consideration to Five Sciences in teaching.

Institute's Sermon--mercy and wisdom

Minnan Buddhist Institute in the Repbulic of China

Foundation period (1925-1927)

Development period (1927-1933)

Weak period (1933-1937)

Minnan Buddhist Institute in contemporary period


Educational facilities

Educational achievements


Institute's principle

Educational system



Curriculum system


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Postgraduate education


College Leadership

Master and Teacher

The school for male monks

The school for female religious

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