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The school for female religious

Updated: December.26 10:48,2011

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Zizhulin Temple is especially established for female religious of Minnan Buddhist Institute, which located at the foot of Jinbang Mountain. Being back to hill and facing to water, it is a unique quiet pure land in Jinbang Park with thickset trees and grass.

Walking into the frontispiece of Zizhulin and setting foot on the bluestone path, you will see an archaic banyan tree at the right side. It is like a weather-beaten old man, who indefatigably protects Buddhist doctrine and monks. To the opposite, there are many lovely artificial stone monks lying on the left stone wall. A row of neat flowers and grass show you the road to walk into Zizhulin temple, at that time, you would see the whole view of it.


Zizhulin Temple neither has sublime palace nor multifarious scripture sculpture, but its construction is picturesque with simple and harmonious coloring. And the eaves of traditional temple are completely integrated with the structure of modern architecture by Zizhulin Temple, which looks fresh with Buddhist rhyme and dignified with vitality.

Here is the establishment history of Zizhulin Temple. At the beginning, the female religious had lessons in Wanshilian or Tianjie Temple, so the space was limited. However, with the monks got more and more from both home and abroad, even the female religious was intent to have their own study location. For that, under the kind support by Miaozhan Old Monk and Hongchuan Shangren, and the generous donation by Wuyin Master, the dean of Taiwanese Xiangguang Buddhist Institute and overseas compatriot Family Zhong. The contribution amount was reach to more than tens of millions, which successfully completed establishment of Zizhulin Temple. In order to commemorate the generous donors, the buildings were named by the names of Family Zhong, that is Zhong Linpei Building (Master Building), Zhong Ye Ronghua Building (Residence Building)£¬ Zhong Linkuai Building (Library), Zhong Linmei Building£¨Student Building£© and Zhong Linjian Building (Teaching Building)

The Master Building is at the right side of temple door, located in low hypsography. The masters live in spacious single room individually so as to devote themselves into culture and preparation for teaching with great concentration. While the Residence Building is at the left front in higher location and with small simple dormitories, which is for rabbis work in other departments in the temple.

After moving forward, the extraordinary Main Hall will jump into your eyes. It is located at east side face to west, which is two-floor steady building like Taishan Mountain. The first floor can accommodate around 200 people, you will see the bell,drum, fragrant flowers, lights and candles in the Hall when you enter the door. One large stone platform is put at the back center of palace, and a white Thailand crystal clear marble statue of Shakyamuni Buddha serenely sit on it. , who looks kindly and solemn. A black copper made Kwan-yin is sitting back to Shakyamuni Buddha, who holds the branch of polar in her hand. Skanda Bodhisattva and Gal of orchid Bodhisattva are at the both sides of platform. Manjusri Bodhisattva and Samantabhadra Bodhisattva sit at the right and left back corner, who separately stand for endless wisdom and infinite practice, that is the best embodiment of Buddhist theory and practice. The second floor is provided with the gilded statue of Western Sansheng. Usually the monk students recite in the morning andevening, and also cultivate in the Main Hall.

The library is at the right front of Main Hall, which is located in the lowest place. The library is filled with books and disks in the second floor. There are lawn,bamboo,steps and stone lions outside of library. When you look at this beautiful landscape after stop reading, then you surely feel relaxed and happy. The second floor is the office of Nanputuo's online website, which was proposed by the vice dean of Minnan Buddhist Institute, Master Chuanming. It was a pioneer project for Minnan Buddhist Institute. Being the external connection window, it always show Minnan Buddhist Institute's situation and spirit to outside and undertake the mission of leading Buddhist thought well develop and distribute.


Move forward and walk into arch, you would see golden worlds of Minnan Buddhist Institute written on the black torii. It has a Student Building that can be accommodated for more than 200 students. Under the Student Building, there are two layers of basement, the meeting room, reading room and utility room are at the first floor and the fasting hall is at the second floor. The fasting hall is for smiling Maitreya Bodhisattva and vegetarianism aphorism is hanged on the wall. The Teaching Building is at the back of Student Building,, where is for learning.. The first floor has office, reception room, workers' dormitory and so on.

Occasionally, the laughter is burst out from the Dormitory Building and the sound of reading wafted from classroom. When the ringing quietude plate is stricken, all the institute is in quiet. Only can hear the wind is softly whispering with the woods at the back Jinbang Mountain.


The school for female religious has uneven beauty as a whole and symmetrical beauty partly. Since founded in 1997, many aspects of school have become better and better, including facility, monk's diathesis and architecture conditions. With the leadership of Dean, Monk Shenghui and vice Dean, Master Fayuan, all the students stand to strict commandment and promote the spirit of altruism.

Be based on its rich cultural atmosphere and unique religious environment, the Female Institute pleasurably welcomes all the guests and friends, and respectively wait for Ten Direction.

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The school for female religious

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