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Postgraduate education

Updated: December.26 9:50,2011

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For cultivating higher level monks and carrying forward great tradition in talent development, Minnan Buddhist Institute decided to have postgraduate education on the basis of undergraduate education since February, 1999. In this way, it markedly improved its comprehensive level. Till now, 6 years of postgraduates have been enrolled and 25 students successfully passed strict thesis oral reply in past 5 years and got our master degree. It is honoured that we have opportunity to invite well-known professors and masters as tutors for postgraduate classes, including Doctoral supervisor, professor Fang Litian from Renmin University of China, professor Lou Yulie from Peking University, professor Yang Zengwen and Fang Guangchang from China Social Science Academy, Doctoral supervisor, professor Lai Yonghai from Nanjing University, professor Chen Bing from philosophy and religion department of Sichuan University, professor Wang Leiquan from philosophy and religion department of Fudan University, professor Zhao Fengxin from earth and physics research institute of China Earthquake Administration (CEA), master Xiang Xue from China Buddhist

Institute, master Da Hang from Taiwan, master Neng Ren from Jiangsu Nantong Puxian Temple and master Ji Qun from our institute.

Postgraduate courses are involved in 9 majors as Avatamsaka, Acquantanceship, Theories, Three Treatises, Tiantai, Disciplines, Buddhism in India, the Chan Sect in China, Buddhism and Confucianism. Also five public courses are introduced in, that is Religion Principle, Conspectus of Buddhist Literature, Reading of Chinese Classical Masterpiece, Foreign Language and Lecture of Literature and History. It is required that the students should achieve 30 credits in 3-year study and pass the thesis oral reply to get master degree. Thereafter the students are acquired with rather encyclopedical Buddhist knowledge, and capable in teaching, spreading Buddhism and independently researching.

With its beautiful environment, better facilities, abundant books resource and outstanding teachers, Minnan Buddhist Institute has built a precise system in management and education, which inherited features of traditional public living. We warmly welcome young monks to register for examination to our institute, the largest key Buddhist Institute with the most students and perfect facilities in China.

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