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Duties of Tai Xu Library

Updated: December.22 16:15,2011

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The library is conducted by dean, deputy dean and librarian, specifically provided the function of books management, such as opening, collection, subscription, exchange and so on. The library has become studentsí» second classroom and also a knowledge storehouse for masters and teachers. Its duties are listed as below:

First, make the purchase and subscription plan of yearly books and journals.
Second, compile the inventory.
Third, register the table of contents and make the property account of books.
Forth, bind the journals and magazines.
Fifth, exchange the books with external and formulate the supplement.
Sixth, cashier management work of books and journals.
Seven, regularly check the inventory and manage the stack room.
Eighth, open to all teachers and students in time.

Introduction of Tai Xu library
Tai Xu Library is an organization supplying academic research service, Buddhist talents cultivation service and the service of expanding the teachers' and students' view and sentiment. From the position of Minnan Buddhist Institute in domestic and Southeast Asian Buddhism, the library should be used as a Fujian Buddhist literature center. .read more...

Introduction of Tai Xu library

Principle of Tai Xu Library

Duties of Tai Xu Library


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