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Introduction of Tai Xu library

Updated: December.22 15:31,2011

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Tai Xu Library is located between Abbot building and School building inside of Minnan Buddhist Institute, near to green bamboos. Standing in front of the library, you would see five Chinese golden characters of Tai Xu Library that were inscribed by elder Buddhist Zhao Puchu at first eyes. After walking into the library, you would find the windows are clean and the books are laid in order, which makes your body and mind comfortable.

We have placed a great focus in purchasing and collecting the books dated back to foundation of Minnan Buddhist Institute. We ever had abundant books in history, but unfortunately the whole were destroyed during Cultural Revolution while the temple was ruined, too. In 1989, Tai Xu library was completed. Currently 9 series of Tripitaka in seven different editions and around 20úČ000 volumes of various categories of books are kept in the library. Today the books are increased more and more under the attention from dean, deputy dean and librarian, which makes it not only has been a place for keeping sutras but also to be a collecting center for literature files.

Introduction of Tai Xu library
Tai Xu Library is an organization supplying academic research service, Buddhist talents cultivation service and the service of expanding the teachers' and students' view and sentiment. From the position of Minnan Buddhist Institute in domestic and Southeast Asian Buddhism, the library should be used as a Fujian Buddhist literature center. .read more...

Introduction of Tai Xu library

Principle of Tai Xu Library

Duties of Tai Xu Library


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